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Yachting has personally offered us so many unique and unforgettable experiences and that’s why we created YachtsWork – so we can give you the best of our experiences, knowledge, network and personal care, whether you want to charter, buy, sell, hire crew, need maintenance, mooring, advice, whatever! Scroll down and see what we can do for you!

Unique range of services

We're a one stop shop for all your yachting needs: Charter, events, buy, sell, yacht services, training, reviews etc!

Attention to detail

We make sure we communicate everything you need to know so you can make informed choices

We go the extra (nautical!) mile

We combine our skills, experience, network and drive to give you the best deal.

Charter a yacht

We give you the world's best charter options

If you want to browse all the options yourself and compare charter deals, then look no further than our special search engine, giving you trustworthy options from reputable fleet operators. What are you waiting for?! 

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Fleet operators


Global booking system

Charter VIP

We make chartering any yacht in the world so much easier for you. You tell us what you want, we suggest some services and experiecnes you may not have thought of and we use all our networks to give you the best options for your budget.

You save time, we do all the hard work and tailor make the experience you want.

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New Yacht Sales

Own a brand new yacht!

Yachts truly offer a special kind of freedom and experience. You’ll need relaible partners to guide you through and secure your every step into your floating explorer and that is what we offer you, whether you want to own one priavetly, run a business or a mix of the two.

We’ll discuss the hundreds of options the factories give you, operate as your intermediaries and ensure delivery and paperwork. As new yacht owners ourselves, we offer you our experience and you’ll see if we don’t treat it as if it’s one of our own.

Featured Yacht

The Excess 11

For an entry level “cat” the Lagoon Excess 11 is changing the trend and attracting many buyers. With two helm stations, brilliant use of space and excellent sailing characteristics you will definitiely get your bang for your buck and feel all the advantages of being on a “cat”. We can sell you at least two today!

Crew finder

Need a captain, hostess or helper? Look no further.

The most important person on your yachting holiday isn’t you, it’s your captain! Isn’t it?!  Apart from keeping you safe, you are relying on them to take you to the best spots and tailor your holiday as you wish, be pleasant and blend with your mood. All our crew have detailed information that enable you to make informed choices.


Advertise your service in this space and stand out!

Take a look around our website and see how we take care to describe our and our network’s services. We offer access to our broad network, our experienced branding service and give you very affordable rates.

Yacht Buddies & Cabin charters

Complete your crew!

Do you want to go yachting, but can’t find enough people to charter a yacht? You’re not alone. Others are, excuse the pun, in the same boat! We offer a descrete advertising service where you can come into contact with others , see if your plans match and then, if you wish, we can charter a yacht and hire a captain for you. You may also have a group, but would like one or two more people to join and share the cost. This is for you too!

Sometimes we or our partners hire yachts and offer cabin charters for specific dates – you come by yourself or with friends at a fixed cost per person and you get to enjoy a yachting holiday without the hassle of finding a group or organising the details. Watch this space for such opportunities.

Support services

Get the support you need to make yachting profitable

Yachting is as complex as it is enjoyable. If you don’t have the right technical, logistical and administrative support you will not be spending much time enjoying it or making money from it. We can provide you with the tried and tested services you need.

We also have experience organising financial grant programmes and putting teams of investors together to make a profitable yachting business. We are ready today to discuss your ideas with you.

Prodigy Lift France
News & Blog

News, inspiration, tips & great offers!

As well as news, this is where we post all our articles on anything to do with yachts, as well as destination suggestions, recommendations, tips, inspirational posts, you get the idea! Use the category tabs to easily select the kinds of posts you’re interested in quick and easy!

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