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See in a glance what we can do for you, discover what motivates us and see how we work.

About Us

The freedom and thrill is imense!

Yachting is one of the most brilliant and freeing activities you can do, and we want to keep it that way, at the excellent standard you need to get the best experience from it. 

You need trusted partners at all kinds of levels who are going to look out for you and your interests in yachting. We are a hub of yachting services whose core value is to work for you as if we were working for ourselves.

We are always available to meet with you in person or over a video or audio call, so do contact us and arrange a meeting if you wish.

Unique range of services

We're a one stop shop for all your yachting needs: Charter, events, buy, sell, yacht services and crew. We can offer so much because we invest in our own trusted networks and are hands on ourselves.

Attention to detail

A key attribute of experienced yacht captains is anticipation - anticipating weather, crew, destination, mooring, the vessel itself. We see it as our responsibility to you to be just as vigilent and aware of all the factors in the yachting industry that will make a difference to the service you want from us. We think you deserve to make informed choices.

We go the extra (nautical!) mile

Yachting is complicated and needs a certain kind of dedication to get the best from it, so we combine our skills, experience, network and drive to give you the best deal. This is the only way to keep you and us happy and in our mind, the only way to do business!

Great deals and transparent charges

We make it our business to get you the very best deals and discounts. Our prices and offers are always clearly explained upfront with no hidden costs or charges added on ever. Yachting is a premium activity and we appreciate that you want to know the full cost of services beforehand.

About Us

From the air to the sea

We have been selling, buying, chartering and providing aircraft services for 10 years all over the world through our parent company, AviaWorks and we bring all this experience to the table in YachtsWork together with our staff who are experienced at sea, aircraft engineering, flying and in finance. 

Feel free to contact our aircraft services department, who are ready to listen to your inquiry.