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A yachting holiday can be one of the most memorable adventures you’ve ever been on – one holiday led to us making this site for you. Imagine that! Begin searching now, tailoring your holiday yourself,e xcatly as you want it and we are on hand to assist you at anytime.


You can also have us do everything for you in our special Charter VIP service, where we conduct an extensive search on your behalf and pull out all the stops across the extent of our networks to get the very best deal for you.

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Do you want a budget deal or luxury? If you want luxury and comfort you are probably going to want a catamaran, which are designed for space and comfort. Newer catamarans sail well too. If you want a budget option and you organise your crew before you go, you can pay as little as a €300 each per week for yacht rental, in high season, maybe less. 

Do think about whether you and your company would benefit from hiring a yacht that has air conditioning and a water maker on board. In the hot months air conditioning can make all the difference and a watermaker means that you don’t have to make stops to fill up or take short showers! These don’t cost extra, but the yacht that they are on may cost more to hire than similar yachts without them.

There are 4 basic expenses that you will pay:

1 – Yacht rental
2 – Fuel (usually diesel)
3 – Cleaning
4 – Skipper (if you need one!)

There is one more returnable fee you must pay and this is a security deposit. In case you cause any damage to the yacht, it comes out of your security deposit, which will be anything between €1500 – €3000. Most people pay this with a credit card, and the amount isn’t withdrawn, but put on hold. Useful tip! It usually takes 2-3 weeks before the bank release these funds even though the yacht managers release your card as soon as they have checked your yacht. So if you don’t want to wait that long, email them before and ask if they accept cash!

On a sailing holiday, typically you’ll get through most of your 300 litre fuel tank (especially if you have a generator on board for air conditioning). This would typically cost €500 max.

Cleaning typically costs €200 – 250.

Skipper’s fees are usually between €150 – 200 per day, so €1050 – 1400 per week,

If you want a hostess, you will usually pay about the same as for a skipper.

Food is not included. Yachts typically have all cooking and food preparation facilities on board, powered by gas rings and a small over/grill. They are quite adequate for most meals you may wish to prepare. 

You will also pay for extra toys like SUPs and WiFi, but book them early because each base has limited supplies!

You typically need the equivilent of an RYA off shore license before you can be the captain and if you have taken the course you will know very well why this is so! The course can be done over a week, but doing it over a longer period of time because there is a lot of inormation to take in and skills to learn.

If you have just got your license we recommend you hire a skipper, because it takes considerable practice to confidently manage any yacht, not necessarily at sea, but in when maneuvering in port, especially with unfavourable winds! Your crew may prefer this option too! We have skippers and crew available for hire should you want one.

Sailing holidays have become very popular, so the earlier the better, especially if you want to book a catamaran with air conditioning, a water maker and generator. Early means at least 6 months before your holiday. You will also benefit from an earlybird booking and get your yacht at the previous year’s price before they increase. In Greece, yacht hire prices increased 10% from 2022 to 2023, so get in early!

To maximise bookings and make yacht servicing and cleaning efficient, there is a worldwide standard regarding when charters start and end. Pretty much all over the world you will be able to board your yacht at around 5pm on Saturday and you will have to return it to port by Friday evening and spend the last night on board in the port. This is so that the yacht can be inspected (and also by a diver who will inspect the hull) and any issues can be fixed before the next charter starts the following day. You will probably asked to leave by 9am Saturday so that the cleaning crews can clean your yacht and all the others in time for the next charterers. 

The three exceptions for this standard are:

1 – You want to book 2 or 3 weeks exactly on board.
2 – You are booking a luxury yacht and are paying perhaps over €30,000 a week for it and there may be some flexibility.
3 – You are renting in low season and there may be some flexibility regarding your start and end day. You may still be required to rent for 1 whole week though.

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