the ultimate charter experience

Charter VIP

Let us personally take care of and tailor-make your holiday anywhere in the world on any yacht,  including top luxury  and mega yachts. Make use of our professional experience and networks for the ultimate charter experience.

the ultimate charter experience

Go VIP and get all this

Dedicated personal communication

We dediccate time on the phone or video call to get to know you, discuss your needs and our approach to get you the best deal and key details that otherwise may go missing. What can be better than having somone qualified and caring taking all the time you need to communicate personally with you at every stage?

We offer great value

Our charges are fair and clear. We give you the option of discontinuing our service once we have presented your options to you.

A Creative approach

We look to enhance your holiday with extras you may want, or with detailed route plans and outstanding locations, activities, cultural and culnery experiences. We'll help you manage your expectations too from yourself and your fellow travellers.

We have developed important networks which we use for you

We have worked and sailed with many yacht companies which means that we can give you a great variety of choices, preferences and of course, the best deal!

Save much time and energy

There are countless options to review and promotional language to filter and evaluate! If you're unfamiliar with yachting this can get tiring and overhwelming. Let us save you the hassle.

Our personal experience gives you a better more thorough service

Because our staff regularly captain and maintain yachts we know all the ins and outs that make all the difference and we are best placed to guide you in every detail.

the ultimate charter experience

Become our next VIP client

Our Global VIP Service is available to our registered VIP members. There is a one-off membership fee of €250, which you will be asked to pay further to registration. This grants you life time membership with exclusive offers and your first VIP broker service for free. Upon each subsequent request there is a €150 charge. The reason that we have these charges is that we will spend time and effort researching all your options, looking for all the details you want, preparing recommendations and discussing the options with you on multiple occasions.

Once we have received your initial brief through the contact form/email, we will prepare our preliminary plan and then call you to discuss it in detail with you to make sure we know exactly what you want and also make some initial suggestions.

Once we have researched options for you, we will email them to you. They will come with recommendations and an evaluation of each option, including any media that may help you make your decision. When you are ready, we will call you to discuss them further. If you are not satisfied or want more options, we will repeat this process until you are satisfied. 

At this point you have the option to decide whether you would like to proceed with booking your cruise and holiday with us. If you decide to proceed, we will send you an itemised pro-forma invoice for approval and subsequent payment. Note: For some services, you may have to pay third party providers directly.

the ultimate charter experience

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