Dinstinguished Crew

Get the right crew for you

Do you need a captain, hostess or ship’s hand for your holiday or business? We’ve got you covered!

Properly Qualified

We choose only from people who are correctly qualified and well experienced in their skill set.

Personally Recommended

We only offer crew that we know personally and can recommend ourselves .

Multi Languages & Skills

In addition to languages, some of our crew possess other skills such as being scuba diving and sailing instructors and musicians.

Dintinguished Crew

Your crew makes all the difference

If you have ever been on a professional yacht before you know that the choice of captain and crew are crucial to your experience. You want a captain that really knows his vessel, the area you will be sailing in and how to make you feel at ease and special. You will need a hostess that cooks well, is efficient, tidy and discrete.

The right yachting holiday with the right crew will give you an experience that can change your life and we know that our friends below can offer you that.

Browse our profiles and tell us who you’re interested in and when you want them and we will put them in touch with you. Please note that this service is for yachts that are for bareboat (without a captain) rental. Most luxury and large yachts come with their full time captain and crew accordingly.

You will negotiate with our staff regarding fees, which start at a very minimum of €170 per day for new captains and hostesses. Tipping is common and an average tip would be 10% of their fee.

Dimitris Softas

For any sailing yacht, especially catamarans, all over Greece 

Patrick Sawers

For any sailing yacht, all over Greece and offers scuba diving 

Alexandros Mavrodontis

Born with a tiller in hand!

George Pavlidakis

For any sailing yacht all over Greece