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Buying a new yacht doesn’t need to be stressful. You need people who are experienced and trustowrthy; people who are going to level with you and be available to help you work through every detail from financing, which features to order, the business plan, projections, servcing and legal paperwork.

This Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 is one of our fleet on active duty and we’re happy to share with you the know how to make a yacht yours and productive as we have with this yacht.

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We'll discuss the pros and cons of each yacht with you in detail so you make the smart choice.

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Wε offer management of your new yacht too to make it profitable and ready for you when you want to use it.

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We'll make your technical and administratve demands as efficient as possible.

New Yacht Sales

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Get to know the yachting industry

There are 4 or 5 large well-known yacht manufacturers, mostly French, but one large German company too. It doesn’t mean that others don’t exist, but start here, get to know what they are producing now and ask us for more details and further options beyond the major five if you wish.

We have specific offers ready for you to book today

We always have several offers from manufacturers ready for you to purchase. Click here to see them. To secure these offers you will need to be ready to pay approximately 20% of the final price. They have delivery dates and features you can choose.

Beneteau & Jeanneau

The Beneteau yard is one of the oldest yards in the world. When you choose a Beneteau, you benefit from expertise second to none. From R&D to industrialization they search for increasingly innovative solutions to develop high performing, robust and environmentally friendly boats for a wide audience. Beneteau also own Jeanneau, which have a fine tradition of excellent monohulls.


Lagoon are the world’s largest multihull builder with 5800 catamarans produced since 1984,specialises in modern sailing catamarans that are suitable for both coastal and offshore sailing. The Lagoon 380 has been their most successful model and they have also produced some power catamarans, including the Lagoon Power 43 and 44.


An elegant look, amazing colors and sophisticated lines all combine in a catamaran that’s a pleasure to sail. The increased sail area of Excess catamarans, the mast set forward of the coachroof or the twin aft helms that allow you to sail with direct connection to the rudders. As for the volumes on board, they are designed for a lifestyle inspired by the oceans.

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Everything has been carefully designed to meet the expectations of generations who want a modern, lively, aesthetic boat, adapted to the new ways of thinking about life on the water. Also, they are one of the most economically competitive global brands.

Fountaine Pajot

An exciting alternative to the other major catamaran manufacturers and some of the best most responsive sailing catamarans as well due to their lighter weight. Fountaine Pajot’s range of sailing catamarans has been designed with remarkable living space and superb levels of comfort and performance so you can share all the pleasures of a premium cruising lifestyle.  As well as the models below, there are also 47, 51 and 67 ft models and a range of power catamarans which are also becoming popular. 

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