Support Services

If you want to do well in yachting you need complete support

Get the technical, legal and administrative support you need to keep your yacht business afloat. Consult with us also regarding financing programmes and joining a team of investors.
Support Services

Our knowledge and network can get you ahead

If you're just getting into yachting...

…for yachts to be profitable and enjoyable they need to be regularly serviced, cleaned, licensed, registered and someone has to promote them and do the complicated accounting and keep up with constantly changing regulations. This great variety of service skills require careful and experienced management, synchronisation and sourcing. We can help youto the level you need, whether you need a few tips or you want to discuss partnerships with us. Below are the 4 main areas that we can help you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

If you've been in yachting a while...

…we’re sure you appreciate the value of trusted partners. As well as source equipment or services you need, we can advertise each your yacht or services for you. Perhaps you’re ready to buy a new yacht or you need management. Talk to us and get to know us. We’d be happy to talk with you.

Technical Services and Componants

We have partners who provide and install air conditioning units, water makers, generators etc. We also have a group of trusted technicians for repairs and then a network of partners who offer cleaning, laundry and refuelling.

Management, Promotion and Partnerships

We can either promote your yacht on this site and to all our network or even manage your yacht for you, get charters and take care of all the maintenance and paperwork. we have several partnerships we are involved in, so feel free to discuss with us what you would like to do.

Legal and Administrative

Without our dedicated accountants and support staff we wouldn't even know what was required on our yachts. Laws are often changing so the right support is essential. We can also advise on the type of insurance you would need and help you budget for all the unseen costs. It can be quite overwhelming even with the right legal and admin support! Feel free to discuss these issues with us too.

Financing and Government Funding

We have participated in several yacht funding schemes to promote tourism in the European Union, resulting in a significant portion of the new yacht being funded by grants and therefore the ROI time being effectively halved. It is a long process to successfully receive such funding and we're happy to discuss how we can help you achieve it.

Advertise your service in this space and stand out!

Take a look around our website and see how we take care to describe our and our network’s services. We offer access to our broad network, our experienced branding service and give you very affordable rates.